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Milling and Chamfering Machine BMM100


Mair Research produces machines suitable to perform milling and chamfering bars to be installed in-line with the production process.
Bars are conveyed and aligned by means of driven chain conveyors which optimise the work position, an improvement compared to the more conventional walking beam systems.
Changeover is performed rapidly as the tools are mounted on a spindle taper which allows quick release and replacement.
Additional features include laser marking for individual bar identification and implementation of customised software traceability up to the final bundle.
All equipment is Industry 4.0 ready.
Work diameters range up to 220mm bar diameter.

Milling and Chamfering tool BFM160

Milling and Chamfering BFM160

Milling and Chamfering Machine BFM100 with laser marking unit

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The excellence of our production is demonstrated by the adoption of the ISO 9001 certification extended to design.