Tube and Bar processing – Mair Research

After sale support

After Sales Support activities are managed by an experienced team that works with the Customer after the equipment is commissioned and in service.

To provide a more efficient service, all our equipment includes VPN access for remote system monitoring and program modifications or upgrades.

The most important Italian and international steel companies have adopted Mair Research as a reference point for solving problems relating to production and transport.

We have developed systems all over the world and we are always ready to follow their needs

Original Spare Parts

We maintain a large inventory of spare parts (both commercial and custom made) as well as many consumable parts to ensure the Customer a prompt delivery.

Technical consultancy

A team composed of mechanical, electrical, and automation specialists are always available for support or for urgent service calls.

Remote Service

A team of specialists supports the Customer after the equipment commissioning and during production.
The automation implemented in the control equipment allows a prompt diagnostic report in real time based on the collected data analysis and “smart sensors”.
With this data Mair Research may guide the Customer to reach the most efficient production.
Based on IoT concepts, the modern Mair Research lines can monitor current events and communicate directly with our Service Dept to determine corrective actions.
Communication is done through an encrypted VPN channel which will also serve to make the necessary corrections.

The excellence of our production is demonstrated by the adoption of the ISO 9001 certification extended to design.