Thanks to the experience acquired, Mair Research is a leader among machine manufacturers: the many types of machines produced, together with the technology level achieved and the quantity of pieces of equipment supplied, keep the position at the highest levels: more than one thousand lines have been supplied worldwide so far.

Many factors work together to make Mair Research a successful company, first of all the adoption of the ISO 9001 Certification extended to designing, sale personnel training, production assistance and machines used in the manufacturing process. Last but not least, a constant improvement in meeting Customers’ demanding requirements was achieved.

Research e Development

Considerable investments made Mair Research reach the peak as regards technology and solutions offered to Customers. Three teams, working together to reach results that as a general rule go beyond Customers’ expectations as to product performances, are available:

- mechanical project engineers working with tridimensional CAD stations
- electrical project engineers for diagrams
- electronic project engineers for PLC and PC programs


Highest standard in quality of equipment and services thanks to the experience and capability of working as a supplier to international companies.
To enjoy Customers’ trust is a strong motivation to give irrefutable answer as well as reliable equipment which meets the highest productivity requirements.
Mair Research has organized the production process in a vertical system, achieving a complete autonomy in mechanics, electrics and informatics.


Modern departments for mechanical manufacturing, welding robot stations, machine tools and CNC machining stations and painting.
Single machine parts are produced and machined in the following departments:

  • Cutting area for raw material.
  • Welding area with industrial robotized stations Machine tool department inclusive of CNC lathes, milling machines and boring machines.
  • Parts painting area.
  • Product quality inspection area with skilled personnel assisted by the most recent instruments.
  • Assembling and testing area.

Assembling and testing

Young, attentive and skilled people provide the mechanical assembling operations and the electrical wiring processes, not to mention the assembling operations for preliminary testing trials. The same people provide the installation at Customer’s site, and the subsequent final testing trials and commissioning. Electronic engineers interface the machinery with the Customer’s informatic
system. Mechanical and electrical parts are always available for a prompt and optimum after sale service.